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New Improved Contura

New Improved Contura

Bobrick’s ConturaSeries washroom accessories now benefit from the integration of TowelMate paper towel retainers and LinerMate bin liner holders on all models manufactured after June 2010. These enhancements are consistent with Bobrick’s commitment to providing non-proprietary washroom solutions that reduce labour, eliminate waste and cut operating costs for building owners.

TowelMate ensures paper towels are dispensed ‘one at a time’ by preventing towels from bunching or sagging in the dispenser opening. This innovative solution reduces paper towel usage by more than 20%. The design of TowelMate also prevents towels from falling forward when the door is open making it quicker and easier for maintenance staff to refill the dispensers.

LinerMate prevents maintenance staff from having to wrap bin liners over the top of waste bins. In addition to improving the cleanliness and appearance of the washroom the LinerMate prevents misdirection of waste and facilitates the easy replacement of full bin liners without unlocking the waste bin.

TowelMate and LinerMate accessories are also available to be retrofitted to ConturaSeries models predating June 2010 and can be purchased as optional accessories for certain ClassicSeries paper towel dispensers and waste bins.

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Bobrick Acquires Thrislington Cubicles Ltd.

Thrislington Cubicles, a global leader in the design & manufacture of toilet partitions, is now a division of Bobrick Washroom Equipment.

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