B-518116 Series Vinyl-Coated Folding Bathtub Seat


Vinyl-coated Folding Bathtub Seat shall have a frame constructed of zinc-plated 19 mm steel pipe 2.5 mm wall thickness, 3 mm white vinyl antibacterial, biocompatible, and warm-to-the-touch coating thickness, 33 mm outside diameter. Seat shall be 380 mm wide, polyamide 6 with glossy finish slats on top and bottom surfaces. Bathtub Seat shall be equipped with two Mounting Flanges constructed of stainless steel Inox Type 304, 3 mm thick wall plate with four mounting bolt locations for 75 mm long 8 mm hex-head lag bolts and polyamide 6 flange cover. Seat shall remain in upright position when not in use.


White vinyl


B-518116x28: 710 mm, 641 mm, 619 mm, 710 mm. B-518116x32: 843 mm, 743 mm, 743 mm, 814 mm, 834 mm


SAFETY WARNING: Bath tub seats are no stronger than the anchors and walls to which they are attached and must be firmly secured in order to support the loads for which they are intended. Consult and comply with local building codes. To avoid potential injury, the building owner or maintenance personnel should remove the shower seat from service if the shower seat is not adequately secured to the wall. Unit shall support static loads of up to 204 kg when properly installed and used. To avoid potential seat malfunction, DO NOT use seat if weight exceeds 204 kg.

Model Number: B-518116

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