B-828 Sureflo® Automatic Counter Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser

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Automatic, Counter-Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser shall dispense adjustable amount (5 ml to 19 ml) of commercially marketed all-purpose bulk foam hand soaps. Spout assembly shall be bright polished chrome plated ABS plastic with integral shank to accommodate up to 2” (50mm) thick counter tops. Unit shall be equipped with oversized funnel shape opening, covered by a 180° rotatable lid with concealed locking mechanism to allow for top filling. Unit shall have LED indicators to show unit has been activated low battery life. Unit shall have IR Sensor located on PC board housed in a water-resistant plastic housing. Activation Lens shall allow for defined activation range to eliminate chance of false activation during hand washing. Unit equipped with unique two stage foam mixing chambers. Air pump delivers air to foam mixer housing, combining foam soap solution and air to form a preliminary mixture of foam. Soap is then pumped through spout where a second chamber in the nozzle tip which houses a mixer cartridge with Nylon mesh ultrasonically welded on both ends delivers a rich lather of foam soap. Portion Control Knob shall allow field adjustment of desired volume of soap dispensed per hand wash with an adjustment range of approximately .4ml to 1ml of liquid foam soap converted to 13ml to 15ml of foam dispensed into palm of hand. Unit shall be equipped with an Automatic System Flush Button to allow for cleaning and maintenance. Battery Pack uses 4 “D” cell batteries (not included) providing a battery life of up to 100,000 cycles or 2 years. Optional A/C adapter available, order Part No. 3974-55.

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Bright-polished chrome plated ABS plastic spout.


Top-filling for ease of maintenance and labour saving. Touch-free sensor eliminates cross contamination. Reduces soap usage and waste.


55mm diameter x 75mm (H) x 170mm projection


This product is not designed to dispense alcohol-based hand sanitizers or iodine-based surgical soaps. To help prevent corrosion and extend the service life of soap dispensers, foaming soaps should be chloride-free and pH-neutral.

Model Number: B-828

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